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2 One Another Townsville Civic Theatre, Wednesday 23 July, 8pm2 One Another by Sydney Dance Company weaves a vivid, exultant and sensual study of human interaction – charting the myriad actions and reactions, gestures and relationships, connections and disconnections that make up a life. Set against a pulsing, pixelated backdrop the piece thrums with a driving, baroque-meets-electronica soundtrack, penned by the able hand of composer Nick Wales. Featuring some of the best dancers in the country, 2 One Another is an exuberant celebration of the power of movement from a choreographer and a company at the height of their powers.​

Road Trip by Damian CallinanTownsville Civic Theatre, Wednesday 16 July, 8pmComedians Damian Callinan and Mickey D have packed the Tarago and are en route to your town to put on their show. Only problem is they don’t have a show … Yet!! Road Trip takes their skill for localising material a step further….The whole show will be about Townsville!! But this isn’t just a stand-up show, the third player in the game is award winning documentary film maker, Charlie Hill-Smith. It’s through his eyes that you’ll see how the lads spend their two days in your town before bursting onto the stage with a 90 minute celebratory roast.​

Dust of UruzganTownsville Civic Theatre, Monday 28 April, 7.30pmIn 2011, songwriter and diplomat Fred Smith returned from 18 months in Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan with a collection of songs he released as the album Dust of Uruzgan. As our soldiers finally come home from Afghanistan, the Dust of Uruzganshow is a unique and important opportunity for an Australian public hungry to know what it was all about, and to understand the experiences of 10,000 young Australians who, for the last eight years, have struggled to make a difference in one of the poorest provinces of this war-ravaged country.​

Djuki Mala (Chooky Dancers) Townsville Civic Theatre, Friday 21 March, 7.30pmFor over a decade, Dance innovators Djuki Mala have been exploring and re-establishing the notions of contemporary Aboriginal performance. Hailing from Galiwin'ku Community in North East Arnhem Land, Djuki Mala continue to redefine the unique physical language they are known and loved for by marrying it with acrobatics and diverse flavours of dance and theatre. Djuki Mala promise audiences both laughter and insight. This is a rare opportunity to engage with performers from a very remote part of this vast and diverse country.​

The Long Way Home by Daniel KeeneTownsville Civic Theatre, 14-15 March, 8pmCreated from first-hand accounts, The Long Way Home reflects the Australian Defence Force’s recent experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor as well as humanitarian and disaster relief and protecting Australia’s borders. As we approach the centenary of The Great War, Australia and the world will pause and find their own ways to explore the impact of this war on their lives and minds. Sydney Theatre Company has embarked upon an historic endeavour with the Australian Defence Force, taking the words and experiences of servicemen and women to create a unique, inspiring and unforgettable event.​

1984 by George OrwellTownsville Civic Theatre, Tuesday 4 March, 7.30pmBig Brother is back. Strap yourself in for this terrifically frightening theatrical event set against a towering wall of plasma screens. Oceania; a Nation perpetually at war, where cameras watch every move and Thought Police roam the streets. From the team that brought you Animal Farm, this new stage adaption brings George Orwell’s final novel screaming into the present. 




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