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Routine is your best Friend

Statistically, it helps students progress faster and do better than others if they are enrolled for a regular and routine classes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure there is a connection between all the sequential classes. Leaving the classes too long apart for younger students may mean they are susceptible to forgetting previous lessons learnt. Hence, we recommend a continuous and routine set of lessons at least on a weekly basis.

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Guitar Lesson Program

At Music School Townsville we offer guitar lessons that are structured to suit your needs, as a beginner, an intermediate level or an advanced student. The beginner lessons are specifically tailored for those starting on a guitar for the first time. The lessons structure for beginner level students focuses on the parts of the guitar, the string names and types, the major and minor chords that makes up the building blocks of learning how to play a guitar and the ability to develop skills on your own. At MST the goal is to engage students in the opportunity to learn, ask questions, play and grow with their development.

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Guitar Lessons

Beginner Lessons ($40 per hour) are based on a well structured program to help students learn the basics of learning to play a guitar. The lesson places emphasis on learning basic chords, strumming, using a pick, tuning a guitar, and much much more. The right tutor is assigned to you to help fresh beginners ease into the lessons while having a bit of fun learning to play a guitar.

Intermediate Lessons ($50 per hour) are suited to students who have completed the Beginner Lesson program and comfortable with developing more skills with chord progressions, speed of playing, learning basic scales and learning to play to songs. The lessons focus heavily on fine tuning and developing skills to become a good guitarist.

Advanced Lessons ($60 per hour) provides guidance for guitarists who are able to comfortably play a guitar. The lessons are designed to help students with writing music, lyrics, developing solos/riffs and melody for your original songs. These lessons allow students to acquire confidence in performing in front of an audience and become tutors.