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By understanding the growing market and the demand for more improvements in the music and entertainment industry, MST has a network of organisations and individuals that include musicians, theatre entertainers, actors, music directors, choreographers, recording studios and a whole lot more. With MST we will get you started with the basics of learning to play an instrument and then develop your newly learnt skills into something bigger and better. So talk to us today by sending us your enquiry in the form above.

MST Blogger

MST believes the importance of blogging and encourages its members and fellow locals to blog about what is happening in their neighbourhood when it comes to music and entertainment. MST has volunteer bloggers from all over the city blogging online and we will help to put your thoughts, comments, suggestions, ideas and reccommendations towards the general public. We believe this in one way to be better at not just how we do things, but also how Townsville will be perceived to the outside world. So send us your blog posts via the form above and we will pucblish it for you.

Guitar Lessons

By teaching students with different musical backgrounds and different capacities of understanding about playing an instrument, we have tailored a unique set of stages to ensure that you get only on a progressive learning experience, but also an enjoyable one. The guitar lessons are designed to breakdown into your everyday language, and right down to the basic building blocks of learning to play a guitar. So you don't need to worry about catching up with a curriculum or memorising for an exam or stressing about the right way or the wrongs ways to play a guitar. At MST we will ensure we go at a pace that you understand and can learn, so you don't get left behind.

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