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At MST we can get you in touch with the professionals in the industry to help you get what you need. 

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We can advice you on music lesson types that suits you best

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You can hire guitars for music lessons if you don't have one

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Kris is an experienced teacher with a wealth of knowledge with teaching students to play a guitar.

Our goal is to help you, your child, your family and friends find their musical talents by partnering you with our tutors. The lessons are offered at your home giving you a level of confidence and ease in your very own tailored training program....Choose your preferred lesson today....

About Us

Music School Townsville (MST) is a locally owned and operated organisation that offers the residents music lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons and advice on music and lyrics. The organisation has local tutors to conduct lessons and has formed a reputation of providing reasonably priced and fun oriented classes. MST believes in the development of young minds from an early age with the aid of music lessons to ensure the students learn more than just how to play an instrument. MST strives to engage students in understanding values such as, discipline, punctuality, enthusiasm and respect.


As your child's first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in future.


We invite you to work with us to help your child discover and develop their musical talents.

What We Believe

We believe that music plays such an integral part of every person's life....

So Music School Townsville would like to welcome you to be part of our family. Learn to play a guitar today and help us to help you discover your musical talents today. MST has all the guitar training needs and can help you find the right guitar accessories for you. The family is dedicated at offering the quality of service that you deserve. Its easy to join and you have a preference of routine classes or a one off lesson to test out your ability and be graded to see where you stand as a guitarist.

Discover Your Musical Talent

At MST you can browse through the endless benefits and services when it comes to music and entertainment in Townsville. Browse though, select your preference for guitar lessons, request for more information about lessons and we will get is sorted out for you. We can help you hire a guitar for your lessons and point you in the right direction to get in contact with the industry experts, from singers, actors, recording studios, to musicians in town.

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Permanent students get the official program to work on their skills

Music School Townsville (MST) started out with the vision to promote music in Townsville and ensure the residents of Townsville have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. The team started with guitar lessons, proving the very basics of learning to play a guitar and explained in everyday language and not the technical terminologies of learning to play an instrument. The program for guitar lessons today is a product of various teaching practices developed by teaching a range of different types of students and really understanding their individual needs. 

Our History

What We Offer

John is an experienced tutor and has been with MST for a long time. John has a passion for imparting his guitar lessons to all students.