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Develop a Musical Mind

We structure your lessons, particularly your guitar lessons to suit your age, experience and your interests. Develop you musical mind with MST by clearly explaining what you interests are in music. Where you see yourself with the lessons and how many classes can you have on a regular basis. If you are a beginner - then you have nothing to worry about because we have tailored programs for guitar lessons already. 

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Talk to Music School Townsville about your music lessons, what type of lesson you want and when do you want them. At MST we offer lessons based on the availability of a tutor and a reasonable slot where we can accommodate your lessons. Lessons can either be offer during the week, after hours and in some cases in the weekends to help you manage your time accordingly. Contact MST through the "Contact Us" page and send us your enquiry and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. 

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Welcome to Music School Townsville

At Music School Townsville (MST) we recognise your talents and help you become better. At MST we believe your development into music, guitar lessons, piano lessons and other lessons should start from a young age. Even if you are already a grown up, you can still learn an instrument and could even pick up really easily because of your natural love for music. Talk to us today and let us help you with your musical journey.

Guitar Lessons

Music School Townsville offers great tuition programs to help you learn to play a guitar. See more details and booking options...

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Lesson Program

Develop Values

Our lessons are designed to ensure it does not feel like school, instead it is enjoyable, fun and progressive whilst making sure you still learn the values as a student such as, punctuality, attention to detail and respect for all.

Buy Instruments

Coming soon to MST is a wide range and variety of musical instruments at the most affordable prices. Students of MST even get discount offers. Pre-order your choice of instruments today, send us an email.